Mobile drying station for internal ventilation and drying of heavy protective clothing – various sizes.

The efficient internal drying is in high demand by numerous users. The current line of clothes make the user sweat heavily when on duty, and the characteristic odor stays in jackets, trousers and overalls, thus wearing them becomes rather unpleasant. The size of the “OSMA Fireman” is variable, from 3 up to 6 units of clothing. “Fireman” for up to 6 jackets + trousers, or up to 6 jackets and no trousers, or up to 6 overalls. The design is made of INOX 1.4301, thus durable, easy to clean and therefore very hygienic.

  • separately placed holding frames for internal ventilation of two-pieces (jackets and trousers) or overalls
  • maintenance free warm air turbine
  • built-in clock timer
OSMA Fireman