The OSMA DTS+ is a two story, four door cabinet made of high-grade steel (INOX) for washing, drying and disinfection of protective helmets, maks, etc. incl. built-in UV light for air disinfection, mobile storage unit for disinfectant, 1/2" fresh water connection, 3/4" wastewater tube.

THE OSMA DTS+ fills and dispenses the lye container with water or disinfectant automatically.

By collecting the detergent solution and disinfectant in the built-in tank, neither one of these two liquids will be drained into the sewage system. The liquid will be sent through the filter and the purified lye will be transported back to the lye tank. This makes the disinfecting lye usable multiple times, if desired by the user. Air pressure creates a bubble bath in the washing area. This creates a unique cleaning effect that cannot be achieved by washing by hand. By disinfecting the drying air with UV-light, the OSMA DTS+ achieves best cleaning results in a short drying time.