The glove adaptor is the ideal upgrade for OSMA shoe and boot dryers. Damp and wet gloves can be dried efficiently and swiftly. The flexible adaptors with movable fingers are suited for various glove models and not only reduce the drying time, but are also gentle to the material.

The adaptors were designed for OSMA shoe and boot dryers, and are recommended for devices featuring warm airflow such as BLOW, VACU & family!

Movable fingers allow an easy positioning of the gloves in the adaptor.

The adjustable funnel holds the warmth inside the glove, while dampness is blown out. Additionaly, the funnel adjusts do different shaft lengths.

The glove adaptors are made of sturdy polyamide, designed for special and particular demanding purposes.

The flexible PVC tube makes it easy to fit the adaptors on OSMA shoe and boot dryers.